Mike playing the cello

I was born in 1971. I started playing the cello when I was six years old, grewing up with classical music due to both my parents being pianists. At twelve, the drums became more and more interesting and I started my first pop band with my friend Kristoffer Nergåhrd. Besides studying music in Södra Latins Senior Music High School, I studied at the Royal University College of Music in Stockholm and drums in New York. I have performed with a wide range of artists, bands, orchestras in a variety of musical styles and genres.

I’ve also been teaching and have performed several demonstrations and workshops for companies such as DW, (Drum Workshops), Sabian cymbals, Roland Scandinavia and Clavia.

Some of the schools and institutes I have taught and performed workshops at are the Music Pedagogy Institute, the University College of Dance Södra Latins Senior Music High School, Rytmus/Memus, Fredrikabremer Senior High School, Wendela Hebbe Senior High School, The Betel seminar, Cyber Senior High School and several different schools with art as their main profile.

Besides touring and teaching, I’m busy recording in my own studio with song writers, musicians and producers from Sweden, England, Norway and The United States.