I’ve played the drums professionally for more than 25 years and have my musical experience from great producers, artists and musicians. One of my biggest interests when working as a drummer has been how to make great drum sounds in studios. When you put in time and effort to produce a great drum sound the finally result can be stunning. I always wanted to combine my playing and my recording interest so I finally built my own recording studio. The goal was to be able to do drum recordings for songwriters and producers but with a more affordable budget than hiring a drummer, a studio and the engineer separate.


My mission is to add value for other musicians, artists and songwriters. I hope to help them achieve their desired level of quality and musicianship for their songs and performances.

2016 – 2018





Recorded drums for Lena Philipsson.

Doing drum tracks for film composer Elik Alvarez.

Recorded drums for Like Torches new album.

Recorded the drums for Poodles new record.

Played and recorded the drums for Skyllas.

Recorded drums for Indevotion.


Recorded a drum track for the Folkia commercial

Recording drums for Secreto de Confesión, a Colombian/Venezuelan film.

Laying down drum tracks for Emre Aydin new album.

Working with drumrecordings with Dennis “Dejo” andersson


Gigs with jazzvibist Roger Svedberg

Gigs with Linda Benzing

A visit at DW drumfactory

Recorded drumtracks for the Eurovision contest

Recording drums, bass and keyboards for Sonic Stations new album

Working with drumsounds together with producer Jacob Hellner and the band Viktor & The Blood

A complete rebuild of the studio and got help with the design from Philip Newell


Two weeks tour in Spain with Alex Ligterwood

Made drum recordings for The Mill

Gigs with Micke “Mojo” Nilsson

Gigs at Stadsteatern


Drum recordings for Richard Anthony Jay. The album “Imperfect Beauty” is now released.

Recording drums for Dec Burke´s album “Paradigms & Story Lines”. The album is now released.

Gigs with Uno Sveningsson

Gigs with Pugh

Gig with brothers Per-Erik and Gunnar Hallin at jazzclub Fashing in Stockholm

Two weeks touring with Cookie Watkins from Las Vegas

Playing drums on Dec Burkes next solo album.

Work at Stockholms stadsteater, playing the jungle book.

Doing work with Freddy Sheinfeld. Composer for film and television

Work at the musical leva livet, China Teatern, Stockholm

2009 – 2010

Some interesting work with great engineer Michael Angel from US.

Working on a new Vindictiv album

Going for a clinic at trumbutiken with my friend Peter Bylin and Urban Nasvall

Work on the musical Hairspray at China Teatern.

Work on Stadsteatern the show Puntila Matti


Clinic tour for Sabian Cymbals, Vic Firth and DW drums

Recorded some drum tracks for music 4 media and TV channel 9.

Recorded some drum tracks for English artist Richard Jay and he`s next solo album.

I`Drum recordings for Shelly Hughes.

Album Vindictive is now released. An interesting progressive rock project I`ve been working with.


Clinic tour for Sabian cymbals Vic Firth, and DW drums

Drum performances with our new project Wikman/Bylin Proyecto

A tour to Moscow with the band Santana the experience

Clinic tour in music shops around Sweden


Gig with Hanne Sorvaag from Norway.

Producing drum loops for Powerfx

Performances together with drummer Peter Bylin

Drum recordings for Taylor Mesple

Performances with Two dancers and a drummer

Drum track recordings with producer Owen Thomas

A tour with organ player Paul Wagnberg

A tour with percussionist Calixto Oviedo

Gigs with singer Patricia Page

Drum tracks for Nigel Cuff.

Peter produces songs, jingles and are using my drum studio


Work with producer Pablo Perez


Gigs with Maria Hanninen at Engelsberg festival

Company C-90 produces, writing music and are using my drum studio.

Gigs with Jerry Donahue, guitarist from Hellecasters and Fairport Convention.

Drum recordings for Mikael Berglunds new solo album Fingerprints.

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