I’ve played the drums professionally for more than 25 years and have my musical experience from great producers, artists and musicians. One of my biggest interests when working as a drummer has been how to make great drum sounds in studios. When you put in time and effort to produce a great drum sound the finally result can be stunning. I always wanted to combine my playing and my recording interest so I finally built my own recording studio. The goal was to be able to do drum recordings for songwriters and producers but with a more affordable budget than hiring a drummer, a studio and the engineer separate.


My mission is to add value for other musicians, artists and songwriters. I hope to help them achieve their desired level of quality and musicianship for their songs and performances.

2016 – 2018





  • Recorded drums for Lena Philipsson.
  • Recorded drums for Like Torches new album.
  • Played and recorded the drums for Skyllas.
  • Doing drum tracks for film composer Elik Alvarez.
  • Recorded the drums for Poodles new record.
  • Recorded drums for Indevotion.


  • Recorded a drum track for the Folkia commercial
  • Layed down drum tracks for Emre Aydin new album.
  • http://www.freddysheinfeld.com
  • Recorded drums for Secreto de Confesión, a Colombian/Venezuelan film.
  • Drumrecordings with Dennis “Dejo” andersson
  • Gigs with jazzvibist Roger Svedberg
  • Gigs with Linda Benzing
  • Recorded drumtracks for the Eurovision contest
  • Worked ondrumsounds together with producer Jacob Hellner and the band Viktor & The Blood
  • Did a visit at DW drumfactory
  • Recorded drums, bass and keyboards for Sonic Stations new album
  • A complete rebuild of the studio and got help with the design from Philip Newell



2009 – 2010


  • Clinic tour for Sabian Cymbals, Vic Firth and DW drums
  • Recorded some drum tracks for music 4 media and TV channel 9.
  • Recorded some drum tracks for English artist Richard Jay and he`s next solo album.
  • Drum recordings for Shelly Hughes.
  • Album Vindictive was released. An interesting progressive rock project.


  • Clinic tour for Sabian cymbals Vic Firth, and DW drums
  • Drum performances with our new project Wikman/Bylin Proyecto
  • A tour to Moscow with the band Santana
    the experience
  • Clinic tour in music shops around Sweden



  • Gigs with Maria Hanninen at Engelsberg festival
  • Gigs with Jerry Donahue, guitarist from Hellecasters and Fairport Convention.
  • Company C-90 produced, wrote music and recorded in my drum studio.
  • Drum recordings for Mikael Berglunds new solo album Fingerprints.

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