Mikael Wikman has by far the best drum sound I’ve ever heard. After mixing drums for 15 years it’s such a relief to not have to worry about a mediocre sound. Just put up the faders and you’re ready to instantly start mixing.


Måns Ek


3 Top10 Songs on billboard.
Number one singles in
Japan, Korea, Spain, Germany

The Mikael Wikman Difference

The feeling that one gets when they walk into the studio should be all about creativity and letting their creativity freely flowing through them. Our vision is to help each artist that comes into the studio transform the magic that they have in their minds into the music that they envisioned. We want to make your vision a reality, making a huge difference for those creative minds that need an outlet to get their next masterpiece out there. If you are looking for a unique experience that will help you be as free and creative as you want, we’re the recording studio that you can turn to.

What We Do

While I do specialize in drums and drum tracking, that’s not all that I offer. I offer musicians the ability to record their tracks in person at our Stockholm, Sweden studio or through a virtual studio online. The Mikael Wikman Drum Studio offers premier services and the latest in recording studio technology to give musicians the quality experience that they deserve. We also offer our knowledge and expertise, giving you all of the tools that you will need to make the music you have ben envisioning. I also offer instrument and vocal recording in addition to editing, mixing, and full production.

I started my path on my musical journey when I was just 6 years old. While I started off in the classical music world, I discovered the drums and my passion for music only exploded since then. I have spent a lot of my adult life teaching others how to tap into their musical potential, which led me to create this recording studio. My goal was to give everyone the opportunity to take that music they have been wanting to make and turn it into something real.

I want you to be free to express yourself however you feel is necessary for your music. My goal is to give you the tools and knowledge that you need to create your music. You have a masterpiece in your head; you just need the support to share that with the world.

Record Your Music With Us Today

Between our virtual online studio and our in-person studio, you have access to a recording studio to make your musical vision a reality. The only thing holding you back now is yourself.

If you want to learn more about the various services that we offer or have any questions for me, please feel free to browse our website to collect more information. This is your musical journey, but we want to be the team that helps you achieve your vision. You don’t want to be stifled; you want the freedom to create. We are a unique studio because we want you to have the experience every musician should feel when they walk into a studio. Your have the next greatest masterpiece in your mind; let us be the team that helps you achieve it.


What people say about Mikael Wikman Drumstudio

I recently recorded drums for my upcoming album in Drum Studio. It was a super experience. Mikael is a skilled and dedicated man and there are just good vibes in his studio. I highly recommend it to others.


Lars DK Nielsen


We had the honor to record our debut album with Mikael Wikman in M W’s drum studio. Probably one of Stockholm’s best studios, if not the very best, for acoustic instruments. Mikael himself is an incredibly skilled musician in addition to his enormous knowledge in sound technology and recording. This means that he is an expert in creating the right atmosphere & putting everyone involved in the right mood.


Almolin trio


Mikael Wikman's dedication to the natural acoustics of his studio boggles the mind.


Matts Alsberg

Bass player

Mikael is a superb drummer and percussionist and offers a service that is communicative, professional and extremely efficient in the modern world of high quality productions without the requirements of big studios and big budgets! It’s always been a pleasure working with Mikael and having him play on my projects.


Owen Thomas

T.Y Songs

I can summarize it in three words. reliable, fast, quality! All that I as a producer is looking for when it comes to collaborations with musicians. Mikael Wikman drum studio has an incredible ear and an extreme fingertip feeling for how to use drums to lift a song or production to new heights. The dialogue with Mikael is extremely simple and from the very beginning I felt safe. So if you want to take your productions to new heights do not hesitate!


Christian Mini Olsson


We recorded our debut EP in Mikael Wikman Drum Studio and are super happy with the result. Micke offers recording in beautiful facilities where the magic is in the walls. He guided me and the band in such a way that we got as much as possible out of our own musicality and of the time we had scheduled. We will return!


Staffan Söderberg

December Agreement

Sonic excellence coupled with absolute professionalism- the best!!


Dec Burke

Guitar player

Great Live Room!


Sven Lindvall

Bass player

When a drummer decides to build his own studio, take note! Drums are among the most difficult part of any project to record and get right. It demands a lot of technical knowledge and hands-on experience. When you need great drum tracks you can always trust Mikael Wikman Drum Studio to deliver the outmost quality and attention to detail every time.


Thomas Plec Johansson

multi Grammy, Gold & Platinum Award Winning Mixing/Mastering Studio.

I asked Mikael if he could put a percussive jungle drums feel on a track. He played exactly what i wanted and such a quick turn around. Great sound and ready to mix in with my track straight away. very professional service and i would recommend to any one .if i need more drums i will certainly contact Mikael again. such a fantastic sound from his Drum Studio


John Rossal


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“I like working with people. I believe change can only come through collaboration.” 
 Alain de Botton